Couples therapy

Individuals grow in relationships and I am interested in helping couples develop loving, constructive and creative relationship environment in which growth can flourish in satisfying ways.

Over 30 years of scientific couples research by John Gottman and others has shown what leads to successful relationships and what destroys relationships. This study has produced scientifically validated tools which allow couples to dramatically change the course of their relationship for the better.

I utilize Gottman methodology and EMDR in my work with couples.

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Individual therapy

I work at uncovering and breaking unhealthy cycles, and negative self-perceptions, that get in the way of your happiness.
My goal is that you develop a more expansive, positive and compassionate sense of self. This renewed sense of self you walk away with is stronger and clearer about who you are, what you want, and how to move forward in your life so you can get it!

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EMDR therapy

EMDR is an integrative approach that has been proven effective for the treatment of trauma. Whether your "if only" is your relationship, finances, career, kids, health or past hurts, EMDR undoes the frozen negative beliefs in a powerful way that is different than talk therapy and often expedites your results.

You don't have to live this way! You truly can put your "past in the past." Your nightmares can cease, you can eliminate panic attacks, you can reclaim your life.

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