Pet Loss

Pet Loss

Has your pet been diagnosed with a terminal illness?

Are you struggling to cope with the loss of your beloved companion?

Has the loss of your pet caused you to feel lonely, anxious or depressed?

For many pet owners, our pets are much more than companions: they’re family. Losing a pet can make you feel overwhelmed with painful emotions. You might feel like there’s a piece of you missing that you’ll never get back; you don’t know how to move forward, but you know you can’t stay in this moment of grief forever.

There are many ways to help yourself process the loss of a pet and move toward a place of healing. Meditation, exercise, and healthy eating are some simple ways to help yourself. Actively grieving by volunteering your time or doing something to honor the memory of your pet can also help you cope with your loss.

And so can speaking with a licensed professional who is trained to help overcome grief.

If this sounds like you:

  • You feel lonely or depressed due to the loss of your pet
  • You can’t seem to cope with the finality of losing your beloved companion
  • You feel guilty or anxious about having to euthanize your pet, or about the circumstances surrounding their illness or death
  • Certain activities or particular areas of your home are a constant and painful reminder of your loss
  • You want to find a way to move past the sorrow and grief so you can remember your pet with fondness and love

… Then one-on-one therapy with a licensed mental health professional can help. In a safe and relaxing environment, a therapist can help you cope with the heavy emotional burden of losing a pet. Discussing your loss and learning coping strategies for dealing with your grief can help you go through the grieving process and move forward.

How long it takes to grieve the loss of your pet is entirely personal. Don’t try to hurry the process, but at the same time, do not prolong it. Remember that the amount of time spent in mourning is not a measure of how much you loved the one you lost.

If you’re struggling to cope with the loss of a pet, together we can get you through this difficult time and help you find healing along the way.

Let’s schedule a time to talk.

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